Friday, August 10, 2012

How to hard boil eggs

Steps on how to hard boil eggs:

Step 1: 
Put your eggs in a pot and then fill with water. You'll want about one inch of water above the egg layer.

Step 2:
Add a teaspoon of salt. This aids in hastening the boiling of water.

Step 3:
Turn on the heat until it boils, and then turn it off.

Step 4:
Set your timer for 15 minutes after the water boils. Pour off the hot water after 15 minutes and then refill with cold water. This would stop the eggs from cooking.

Step 5:
Peel off your egg and enjoy!

  • The perfect hard boiled egg has a yellow yolk and not a green yolk.
  • A correctly hard boiled egg spins fast
  • An egg that has not been hard boiled does not spin very well.

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